Children’s Rights

If hate, lies and exploitation of others for own selfish gains is whats being taught in schools, then no child should have education on their list of rights

9 thoughts on “Children’s Rights

  1. we should accept.. education has hot drifted away from the actual meaning.. and certain anti social elements are being rooted ; but they need to be slayed
    Only then it can be perfect education for our childdren !!

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  2. Education is not about jobs or making money or any of the things usually trotted out by politicians and too many others talking about education. I’ve spent a lifetime as an educator in poor communities, and jobs and money and the future is important, but more important is the way students grow into themselves and the universe when they are associated with a great teacher and learn how to see things from another person’s, including their own, eyes. Boy, do I agree with this post.

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  3. Most educators are not there for the money, they are believers in learning. They mostly enjoy their students and take pride in their lessons. I taught middle school and an integrated preschool classroom with 8 children with developmental delays and 4 peers, typically developing children. The latter I did for nine years. 🙂

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  4. I agree with you in concept, education that educates for the purpose of exploition and personal gain only, is not education, it’s mind control and teaching immorally — because it’s immoral to only live for oneself, that is a recipe for destruction of the planet. However, education is a need, as much as food is a need, therefore, let us revolutionize the way children are taught in schools: To fill the human heart with compassion, mercy and universal love, which should radiate to all countries, nations and peoples of the world. To make a true religion of the heart as the ruling factor in one’s life. To enable each one to love God, love all, serve all, and have respect for all, as God is immanent in all forms.

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