The good life

We all have a goal to live a good life

the only difference is what a good life means to each one of us

and how much work we are willing to put in to achieve our goal.


The truth that hurts, really does hurt
but finding out its been kept from us
hurts even more

manipulators not creators

we don’t create anything new
we just manipulate what already exists

We are selfish

For whatever reason
everything we do is for self gain
what separates us from one another
is the deed

Iam a Genius

Each and everyone is a genius
the difficulty only lies in finding that specific field
that one is a genius in

The Almighty

The creator has many names
depending on ones beliefs

life oh life

life oh life
why do you live
why are your days numbered
when you leave
shall you be remembered
if they remember
were you a member
or just another stranger

time well spent

time spent with friends
time spent with family
time spent with loved ones
time spent doing what you love
time spent living is time well spent

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